Lust Under Virgo - Both Sides of the Dime

Lust Under Virgo are an Italian Glam Rock group based around founding member cheif writter and musician Izzy Lust. Now I've got to be honest, there's some great songs on here, with some great guitar work, unfortunately the production really lets them down, with most of them sounding like they've been recorded in a friends bathroom! But the problems dont end there, Izzy maybe a competent songwriter and musician but he really can't sing (and I mean he really can't sing!). It's too bad because when I got past the production and vocals I found most of the songs enjoyable, (although I can see them getting sued for the cover of Roxette's 'The Look!').

The only advice I could give Lust Under Virgo would be to hire a vocalist who can sing, go back and re-record the entire album adding some better production!

Avoid unless you like really bad karaoke.


by Barry Gennard

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