LR Rockets - Dance It Away EP

Crikey! Did this fall through a time warp to land in late 2008? This could easily have been recorded sometime in the 1980's and I don't mean that as a criticism. Bass driven opener "Dance It Away" thunders along at a breakneck pace with the guitar taking a back seat. The lyrics may be waffling on about dulling the pain of lost love by dancing like a mad thing but don't let that put you off - this is a frenetic two minutes of paranoia and not too dissimilar from the Comsat Angels or even Wire during one of their more energetic moments.

Having never heard the original version of "London Girls" I can enjoy the 2BOBKUNTS Remix for what it is - an odd hybrid of early Depeche Mode keyboards with strong nod towards Cabaret Voltaire to keep it interesting. Middle tracks "Death In the UK" and "Animal" show equal promise, particularly the formers arch view of modern life - "Kids that have got guns are killing each other" being a particularly memorable lyric and a little judicious editing of the near gibberish at the end of "Animal" would have lifted it up a couple of notches.

Worthy of a listen and definitely worth keeping an eye on.

by Phil T.

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