Lovvers - Think (Mini Album)

I've heard rumours circulating the interweb recently that UK rock upstarts "Lovvers" think they can take a pop at my famously handsome title. Whilst achieving such an awe-inspiring feat may be well out of "Lovvers" tiny handed grasp right now. They can however sleep safe in the back of their transit van in the knowledge that in the 7 songs and 13 minutes contained in "Think" they have managed to stir up one hell of a quality fucking garage rock racket.

With tracks like "Wasted Youth" and "Teenage Shutdown" the frenzied four piece manage to conjure up a ten pence mix up of everything that has been great in guitar music in the last thirty odd years, and spew it out like some rainbow coloured vomit that ultimately followed your first sherbet flying saucer overdose as a child.

Nothing on this mini album is longer than 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and with a list of influences that recalls such seminal acts as "Wipers" and "Germs" you can take it as guaranteed that a guitar solo on "Think" will be about as welcome as "Kenny Baker" at C3P0's coming out party.

The mainstream press is apparently having problems pigeonholing "Lovvers" brand of frenetic Rock N Roll, well "No Romantics" is a musical movement nom de plume just waiting to happen, and in "No Fun" (which cheekily lifts some phrasing from its more famous older brother) the disaffected youth has its battle cry.

This release has had me searching Ebay for "Lovvers" four previous seven inchers, as I really can't get enough of this sneeringly high charged tour do force punk rock for purists.

4 ½ out of 5

by Johnny H.

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