Love Injections - Breakfast For Champions

Mmm the whiff of whiskey breath and the stomp of rhythm and blues!... one finds here a jolly ride round rude country riffs and smoky happy-hour bar-room crooning. These Swede traditional rock n rollers offer a short bundle of tunes that leaves a bright ambience and satisfying mood.

Contents consist of a familiar, rootsy, unkempt song structure and expected pace. I like track 4 'Glad Handing Dandy'. Its foot stomping opening, lonely guitar and bar punters' merry hand claps guide us through a modest drunken pub jingle that hints at development but never delivers it! The finale 'Bittersweet Goodbye' winds everything down heedfully. It is a farewell sentiment that is lyrically and musically heartfelt.

Overall 'Breakfast for Champions' is short on tracks and short of variety, thus perhaps not innovative enough to make much of a notable impact on the finicky modern listener but who's arsed? Crooning one's balls off, was and always will be a self satisfying endeavour. We have a bubbly bunch of racket makers doing what they do best. Their deep passion for rock n roll is committed and commendable - churning out music that is catchy, fun time, swingy, traditional and damn well sounds like they're having a grin doing it. Old rockers n smellys will feel right toasty and cosy!

by Kiran the Killer

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