Loud n' Nasty - Sweet Sixteen

Loud n Nasty is a Swedish glam/metal band. I slagged off their debutCD a bit but the new single "Hellbound" and "Sweet Sixteen" show some improvement.

I still don't think this type of retro glam/metal is neither exciting nor good but I know that many of Glitzine's readers think differently. "Hellbound" rose my eyebrows a bit, with a much more mature sound than on the debut  "Loud n Nasty". Some previously questioned Rob Nasty's vocals but he sings way better on this single. "Sweet Sixteen" is a fast pace rocker with some cool background vocals.

Loud N Nasty sounds a lot like Nasty Idols, WASP and Motley Crue. If that is
right up your alley, you should pay these guys a visit. Make sure you'd be
Loud n Nasty though...

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by Andreas Persson