Loud n' Nasty - I Wanna Live My Life In the Fame

I slagged this band’s debut off. I’m not a supporter of the glam/metal wave. I think 1984-85 were pretty weak years when it comes to the history of rock n roll. Admittedly, I think the image of that era is a bit pathetic and seriously outdated. Loud n Nasty have gotten their act together though. Their image is and the package are classy.

The Sleeve is funny, though a bit sexistic, hinting at Motley Crue’s debut "Too fast for love". An acknowledgement of this band’s heroes. Loud and Nasty are trying to be as loud as W.A.S.P. and as nasty as Motley Crue. They are now a three piece – Rob Nasty, Chris Loud and Tommy Rocker. They sound better than ever on "I Wanna live my life in the fame". Rob Nasty seems to be more comfortable as a vocalist eventhough he still sings out of tone here and there, especially in the ballad "Wasted Love". He sounds cool enough to cover it though. I’m impressed by the songproduction of this band. The Second full-length CD in a year, prove that they are not just loud and nasty, they are fast workers as well.

If you want your glam to be served on a metal plate; get your hands on this CD.