Loud n' Nasty - No One Rocks Like You

Swedish glamsters Loud 'n' Nasty release this single as a taster to their forthcoming 4th album, formed in 1998 by Chris Loud and Rob Nasty (gotta love those names!) the band has gathered a large underground following all over Europe. The band has made some inroads into the US too with the guys winning "Best Foreign Band" category in the 2005 Rock City News awards in LA. The single was produced by drummer Snowy Shaw and mixed by Kee Marcello of Europe.

The title track is an absolute stormer, filled with big chants and fist in the air stadium rock sensibilities. Considering these guys are only a three piece the sound is so much bigger than that, the chorus in particular sounds huge. A large audience in the live setting singing along would sound awesome. Next up is 'Nasty Girls', which again sounds absolutely massive and transports you to a time when MTV still played music and glam bands ruled the airwaves. This song would have been an enormous hit if Ratt had recorded it at the height of their popularity, and it wouldn't sound out of place on the Ratt'n'Roll collection. Finally 'You Make My World Go Round' has a slower paced intro that builds into a riff to die for and a chorus that most bands of this genre would kill their own grandmothers for. It's not often that this long after the glory days of glam a band can come along and transport you back to that time in an instant. Just total glam rock'n'roll from start to finish.

After listening to this single, I for one cannot wait for the album to appear. Sure, it sounds like the last 20 years never happened, but when the songs are as good and as catchy as this who gives a fuck? Whilst it's not breaking new ground it'll certainly make a smile break out on your face, which can only be a good thing. This is one release that is definitely worth tracking down.

by John Baxter

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