Los Skeletones - Supercalifunkalistic

It is 9am and I have a stinking cold, possibly not the best time to be writing a CD review you would think. I think that is precisely the right time, if it can make an impression right now, it can do it anytime! Los Skeletones released their EP 'Supercalifunkalistic' in May '05 after 3 years of playing the clubs, venues and festivals in the UK.

The title track is the epitome of California Funk and sitting still to write this was impossible (I really do feel too ill to be tapping my feet, and swaying is making me feel nauseous but I can't help it!) 'Supercalifunkalistic' leads beautifully into 'Chicks 'n Powders', an eclectic mix of seriously funky acid jazz, lounge jazz and rock guitar, blended with great lyrics and vocal harmonies. 'El Capitan' (incidentally the name of their drummer) is a track reminiscent of early "Chili Peppers" at their funktastic best (circa "Out in LA") and I have to confess that I didn't think anyone else could pull it off, I was wrong. At almost 7 minutes long 'Cut Throat' has wonderfully funky guitar combined with quite bluesy vocals, and I have to say one of the finest razor bass solos I've heard in a long time, and I've heard quite a few.

If you like Funk and Acid Jazz then this one is a must for your CD collection. If you're not a fan, you don't know what you're missing, try it out, you may surprise yourself! If it can impress me today, it has to be worth a listen!

by Talia Kane

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