The Long Knives - S/T

New bands for me are either hit or miss; I'll either be blown away or completely turned off and, unfortunately, it's usually the latter. Every now and then, I'll catch a glimpse of something special that excites me. With the self-titled debut EP by Toronto's the Long Knives, this is happily the situation.

Drawing self-admitted inspiration from Swedish band 'The Ark', the disc boasts five outstanding tracks. The sound is atmospheric, combining elements of David Bowie and the Conscience Pilate. Each song seems to float along while delivering a complete payoff on the chorus. The band's care for the tracks as a whole is apparent ,and the Long Knives deliver in full, time and time again.

This is an incredible release to check out by a band who proves to be worthy of keeping an eye on for the near future. I will consider it to be a musical tragedy if there's no follow-up. Highly recommended.

by Lycan Davis

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