Loci - Medic

Track listing:
1 Crash
2 Negatives
3 Quoits
4 Z?
5 Sucker Punch
6 DEDevoschina

Their biography describes Loci as, "pioneers of AGITrawk, Loci are a visceral frenzy - frustration-fuelled and low on ritalin". It's actually quite hard to pin them down into one style as there is quite a lot of variation between the tracks. They certainly have a gritty edge.

'Crash' starts off with a hard riff and wonderful driving bassline. This is a hard aggressive song with some nice staccato rhythms. 'Negatives' is more melodic with a very catchy riff and some nifty vocal harmonies. This song has more of an "indie" rock sound to it than hard/metal, although in places I did think they had a resemblance to Disneyland After Dark with a touch of Nirvana on the riffs. 'Quoits' starts off with an almost gothic feel with haunting guitars followed by a passing nod to Black Hole Sun as it heads into the chorus. Some of the guitars in places draw from The Cure with the effects. 'Z?' sounds very punk/goth with a bit of Red Hot Chilli vibe on top and then breaks out into some 80s metal riffing before blending back into the tolling goth again. This is a cleverly crafted song with a nice mix of styles. 'Sucker Punch' continues the old school punk/goth theme with a very sparse but punchy arrangement that reminded me of Bauhaus in places. This is a very simple track that just provides enough atmosphere to move along without any need for cluttering things. 'DEDevoschina' is a more traditional metal fare with a few Soundgarden overtones. The transition from driving riffs throughout the verses into a broken down slow simple chorus works really well.

Loci are a talented band who blend together lots of different styles. Like a lot of bands I would imagine they would really come into their element in a live environment.

by K.T. Glitz

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