Loud 'n' Nasty - Too Much Ain't Enough

After receiving the news that I was to review the eight-track album of these three Swedish glam sleaze kings, I became very excited. Having heard Loud 'n' Nasty a few times before, I couldn't wait to get my hands on their third album, Too Much Aint Enough. I was expecting great things and they were delivered!

Listening to their second release, it is instantly noticeable that Loud 'n' Nasty have reached way back into the early eighties for inspiration, with songs such as 'Sweet Sixteen' being heavily influenced by Motley Crue's 'Too Fast For Love'. Strong similarities between L 'n' N vocalist, Rob Nasty and Chris Holmes of WASP and Ratt vocalist, Stephen Pearcy can also be made.

Most of the tracks are comprised of fairly standard eighties rock, with guitar solos that could have been taken from any 1980's lead guitarist. As for T-Bone's drum patterns and Chris Loud's lead guitar rhythms, they can easily be compared to the works of Tommy Lee and Mick Mars, having an old Crue feel to them both.

Having been described as the bastard child of Crue and WASP, Loud 'n' Nasty offer simple and straight forward tracks, providing high entertainment levels so, if you're a fan of those early eighties metal years, you'll love this band! However, it has to be said that the track line-up may not be as balanced as it could be. Don't let this put you off though - check them out!

by Sarah Street

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