Living Dead Lights - 5 Track EP

Now, this is more like it! A band name that sounds like a Stephen King's 'IT' inspired straight to video trashy horrorfest! But hey, I grew up on trashy horrorfests - in fact, it was them and an unhealthy adoration of hard rock 'n' roll that shaped me into the baadaasss mofo that I am today! Anyways, Living Dead Lights already had me interested before I got to put the proverbial needle on the record.

An eight-legged wrecking crew from Hollywood, Living Dead Lights describe their music as "blending everything from Guns N' Roses to bands like The Bronx to Marilyn Manson", and I'm glad they said that because I'd find it hard to pin down a definite soundalike for these guys. I personally think this is great for both band and industry alike and the only people who will really suffer are the morons who can't be bothered to read a capsule review in a magazine like Kerrang and just look at the "For Fans Of..." section. Fuck 'em - they are not music fans, they are sheep.

This five track EP sounds massive, largely down to the work of knob-twiddler Bradley Cook who has worked with some great artists in the past including The Distillers, The Dwarves, Motochrist, Queens Of The Stone Age, Everclear, D Generation and...err.....The Wiggles. Sure, this is some formulaic shit but it is a formula that us cool kids live and die for - anthemic hard rock mixed with scuzzy Scandinavian sleaze and punchy and pissed off punk 'n' roll. Slap bang in the middle of this CD is a Cloverfield size monster of a track - 'To All The Youth...' - a hard hitter with a huge chorus and snotty riff. Quite simply, this song slays! 'Mother Mary' reminds me of that moment when that first Beautiful Creatures album woke everyone from their nu-metal induced slumber. 'Monday's Devil Tuesday's Divine' hints at a...gulp....grungier influence with its Alice In Chains style harmonies, but if I told you that frontman Taka Tamada's voice is full of Dee Snider-esque sneer and attitude, you'd know that this is an SMF approved gutsy, confident band.

We all know that this muthafucker of an industry takes young bands and sucks out their will to live but if, on the basis of this CD, the band don't make a deep scratch on the surface of success, it'll be a bigger scandal than when Tim Gaines from Stryper was caught driving under the influence. Living Dead Lights have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and they are all out of bubblegum.

by Gaz E.

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