Livid - One

This debut kicks off with the crunching guitar intro of "Freakshow", a strong opener of a track full of strut and swagger. "Don't Hate The Player" comes slamming into your ears next and has a strong vibe of Led Zeppelin meets The Almighty in the feel of the vocals and guitars, this would be a strong contender in the single stakes. "The Supafly" sleazes in with a Nightrainesque intro and has quite an old school Guns N' Roses vibe to it all, cocky strut and swagger, it also has the potential to be a total dancefloor filler. "Devils Bones" welcomes us with a real blues guitar swagger intro, this song could seriously pass off as a long lost Led Zeppelin demo, a real slow burning blues brooder of a track with a soaring chorus. "Slide Song" rumbles in like a freight train this is a total blues meets psych track that comes across like some weird drugs jam between Aerosmith and Zep with a slight hint of Cheap Trick, a seriously strong song from start to finish. Things slow down with "Deserve", this is not your usual power ballad, it has a serious mellow 60's vibe running through it and is totally meant for chilling out on a Sunday to. Things pick up pace again with "Lost Lady Saloon", this is a total whiskey drinking rocker of a track that grabs your throat and forces you to dance from start to finish. "Original Rockstar" hits you right between the ears, this is a classic headbanger in the style of 70's Aerosmith, all cock strut and swagger. "Paraffin" quickly follows, the intro and vibe reminds me of classic Led Zep with the gang vocals of Southgang yet another strong track that could quite easily go down a storm live or on the dancefloor. "Whatcha Doin' To Me" kicks in with a swirling guitar meets machine gun drumming intro, this track totally pushes it into a footstomper that would totally kick ass live. A dark bass vibe and heavy drumming introduces "Way Past", this is a pure dirtball sleaze rocker of a track made for drinking cheap whiskey and getting down n' dirty to. This excellent release closes on a mellow vibe with "Can't Find Home"; this is a blissful trip out into quality ballad territory. "Livid" will surely go down a storm live if this album is anything to go by.

by Dizzy Starr

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