Lipstixx N' Bulletz - Bang Your Head

Lipstixx N Bulletz are yet another Swedish Glam/Sleaze rock band hailing from the country that has really flown the flag for this genre over the past few years.

Musically Lipstixx N Bulletz are pure 80s sunset strip party raunch & rock, lyrics and attitude closer to Poison or Vain (quite a bit of Davy Vain in the vocals), which at the very least gives the clubs a more up to date soundtrack for their nights of debauchery.

Tracks like 'Do Or Die', 'Scream It Hard' pay homage to their heroes' songs yet manage to step beyond them, especially in the guitars. 'Wild At Heart' is a story that every guy can relate to, lusting after the girl next door in vain whilst 'Love In A Needle' is the grittiest inclusion here on Bang Your Head, complete with screamed vocals. 'Be My Tonight' provides a softer touch to the album, which is always nice.

Lipstixx N Bulletz offer pure 80's influenced Glam/Sleaze, they don't offer anything particularly new, but what they do, they do very well. I imagine that these guys are a blast live!

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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