Lemon Bird - Rara Avis

Swedish retro rockers Lemon Bird dish up a slice of classic blues tinged rock n roll in the style of Led Zep, Deep Purple, Bad Company and if that's your bag then you're in for a treat. With the popularity in recent times of bands like 'Big Linda' and 'Wolfmother' there's definitely commercial promise for Lemon Bird.

There's no evidence of 'Swedishness' in the voice of Jonte who delivers a great performance throughout the album. The other chaps are obviously very competent musicians who hold that very rare commodity of 'feel' in their playing.

The album, although sounding retro, stands up in today's climate and I can imagine them being a crackin live band too.

'Keep On Moving' is a whiskey soaked bottle slide guitar groover that really captures that Led Zep II style feel and is one of the stand-out tracks for me. I love the vibe… just close your eyes and enjoy!

Unfortunately the next track is a bit of a strange one and reminds me of that 'Spinal Tap' moment when Nigel Tufnell reminisces about the song '(Cry Cry Cry) All the Way Home'. The tune just doesn't sound like it belongs here and sounds like some other tin-pot blues band managed to sneak in the studio and record without the other guys noticing…. Oh lord!

Back on track over the next couple of songs and the 'Black Dog-esque' 'Ain't Gonna Grieve' is something you could imagine the festival crowds lapping up next summer. I for one would definitely lie in a large sun-soaked field with a cup of turbo-shandy enthusiastically nodding away like those hippies you see in old Woodstock footage.

The song 'Climbing' leans towards the Deep Purple/Rainbow influence they also obviously have and Jonte sounds a little like Joe Lynn Turner. A catchy tune that will have fans of this genre smiling.

You could do a hell of a lot worse than order this album and check it out if you like the references I've mentioned. These guys deserve to get out of Sweden and they deserve a slice of your time.. give this Lemon a squeeze….


by Hilda

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