Left Side Brain - Rifftrospective: Ten Years Of Left Side Brain

Track listing:
01 - Exit Route
02 - Weaponise
03 - Sayonara
04 - Uncomfortable
05 - Almost Had Me
06 - Pay To Play
07 - Silo Mentality
08 - Chewer
09 - Well Well Well
10 - Gifted
11 - Clout
12 - Colloblast
13 - Figures

Musical careers can be short lived things so it's nice to see that British rockers LEFT SIDE BRAIN are in a position to release RIFFTROSPECTIVE: TEN YEARS OF LEFT SIDE BRAIN. That's right folks, still going strong after ten years!

I was first introduced to Left Side Brain early on in my Glitzine career when I had to review their Collider album and was quite impressed with what I heard back then.

This is a great compilation giving a good feel for what Left Side Brain are capable of. Throughout this album they have a Foo Fighters/Therapy? feel to their songs with a very hard yet melodic edge to them.

If you've never heard any Left Side Brain then Rifftrospective is a good place to start.

Standout tracks:
Exit Route
Almost Had Me

by K.T.Glitz

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