Latexxx Teens - Latex (DE) Generation

Hailing from Italy, 5 piece 'Latexxx Teens', have been gigging the circuit since 2003 rising from the ashes of several Italian Goth rock bands.

'Latex (DE) Generation' the bands debut EP, packed with rock and roll techno.

Mixing Goth rock 'n' roll with the ever so slightest hint of electronica and synths seamlessly, Latexxx Teens create an imaginative concoction of sounds. Latexxx Teens are like something out of the 80's with a 70's punk twist and a dash of modern Goth thrown in for good measure, making it hard to pin these guys down.

Highlights include title track 'Latex (de) Generation' and '21st Century Rebel Idol' all with a hard hitting in your face attitude they can muster.

Some impressive intros are heard throughout the EP; however despite all the attitude and image of the Latexxx Teens, they don't enthral me. By the end of the EP I find it gets repetitive and without much originality. On an underground scene market they are sure to be success, with something of a cult image, and something tells me this is where they will be happiest. Good luck to them I say.

Look out for upcoming album 'Fuckin' Is Our Business' due for release soon.

by Lauren May

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