Laroxx - Laroxx

Track listing:
01 - Intro - R.U.N.(Animal)
02 - Where Is My Way
03 - Before It's Too Late
04 - No Strife In Life
05 - Sweet Pain In The Vegas
06 - Suicide
07 - Tattoo
08 - They've Got To Know
09 - Let The Girl Go
10 - Downtown Rock N' Roll
11 - Long Dark Night
12 - Ready To Shock

Re-issues seem to be coming thick and fast these days. What we have here is LAROXX with their 1990s self titled release. Hailing from Italy Laroxx recorded this album on the back of an offer for a release in the USA and Japan and a promo tour of the States. Sadly the label withdrew the offer and it has sat in the archives ever since.

What LAROXX deliver is party glam rock n roll. Their label describes it as party glam street rock. There is a very strong Pretty Boy Floyd field to it and it also brings back fond memories of Steevi Jaimz era Tigertailz too.

As with most bands of this genre there isn't anything frigteningly new or groundbreaking but if you like up tempo party music then this release is definitely one to check out.

Standout tracks:
Where Is My Way.
Sweet Pain In Las Vegas
They've Got To Know

by K.T.Glitz

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