LAP - Point and Shoot

This 2 track "Download Only" EP from Manchester based trio "Lap" is 2 different edits of the same track.

So this should be easy to review eh? Well think again.

"Point and Shoot" kicks off with a riff and melody not unlike "Synchronicity" from "The Police". But as soon as that drops to the metal by numbers riffing and frankly screamed vocals (yeah your fave hardcore reviewer didn't even get one word of the lyrics) I was well lost.

I have to give "Lap" credit that they are tighter than Donald's jacksey, and Tony, Phil and Jim can certainly play their instruments, and as their biog quite rightly states they do defy pigeon -holing. However having attended so many gigs recently where every other band seems to be doing this type of music, best described as taking prog like "Rush" and then forcing it into a musical blender with harder edged bands like "Black Flag", "Lap" will need something a bit more special than this to stand out from their ever-growing crowd of musical peers.

The lack of engagement and emotion in this genre of bands in general, certainly makes for very sterile listening for me.

Having said that bands Like "The Blackout" are getting signed to major labels so who am I to say that "Lap" are not what the kids think is all right.

Me I just wish every band were "The Chelsea Smiles".

I was a fan of "Lap" for the first few bars then they forgot to write a song.

2 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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