Land$lide Ladie$ - Anyway (Glitter From the Gutter)

Italian glam rockers Land$lide Ladie$ unleash this, their third EP, as a taster ahead of the forthcoming release of their debut album. The core duo of Lester on vocals and guitarist Mr. Gold formed the band in 2002, going through various members to fill up the rest of the band. A full line up seems to have settled into place in preparation for the album release and the band has even financed a promo video for the lead song on the EP.

That song is "Anyway" a great fun punky glam tune coming on like a cross between the New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks. The more I listen to this track the more I like it, wasn't too keen on first listen but it's certainly grown on me. The production is pretty rough but doesn't hide the fact that this band has great song writing potential. "Sweet Lady Dynamite" is my favourite track, with a killer chorus and just a great feel to the whole song. Next up is "It's Alright" starting with a slow fade-in before crashing into an explosion of drums and guitar. A more mid paced effort than the first two tracks it has a chorus to die for. The final track on offer is "New Disease," which is the weakest song. The intro sounds fantastic but unfortunately the song itself doesn't live up to the initial potential. While the song has a couple of good ideas there's nothing that stands out after the intro. The video for "Anyway" is included as a bonus on the disc and is a very good, professionally filmed video showing the band playing at a garden party complete with onstage pyro. There's a slightly disturbing amount of time spent following round some blokes wearing Donald Duck underwear though!

The band is planning to release their debut album, the snappily titled "Best Friends Glitter Can Buy" in the next month or two. Their website is undergoing a major overhaul in preparation for this but plenty of info can be found on their myspace page along with 2 tracks from this EP so you have no excuses not to check it out. If the album has better production and can still retain the raw feel of this EP, it'll be a release to look forward to.

by John Baxter

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