Land$lide Ladie$ - $ix $tring$ & Cigarette$

And $ix $ongs too. And what a nice little collection of late-night, end of the bottle, draining dregs and nestling in the still warm ashes of campfire sleaze it is too, wheezed out by two reptiles that make Keef 'n' Ronnie sound like the choirboys they once were. Think Mr Thunders' 'Hurt Me' album and you're down the right alley, cats. But delivered by guys who breakfast on gasoline and smoke sandpaper.

Covers of Thunders' 'Little Bit of Whore' and Demolition 23's 'Hammersmith Palais' sit comfortably at the bar sharing shoulder space with their own tunes, of which 'Alcoholic Dude$' shines through the most. A nice tasty treat for things to come.

by Stu Gibson

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