Lahannya - Welcome To the Underground

I'm sure that Lahannya's album "Welcome To the Underground" is a relatively decent release, but I can't seem to shake the damaging effect that the whiney introduction "Prologue" had on me. Unless you're saying something highly original and unpretentious or you're Rage Against the Machine, 1 minute and 5 seconds of babbling on about non-conforming to the "surveillant society" and sleepwalking into fear and terrorism is not the best way to start an album. I somehow don't believe this defiant introduction will make Gordon Brown sit up and pay attention - then again, what will?

Putting feelings toward the "Prologue" aside, the second song, "Inside the Machine" shows a glint of potential, with its heavy riff, electronicy bleeps, and twangy bass. Although, this time, it's the vocals that put me off. The track is dangerously close to sounding like a song nicked from Lacuna Coil, yet lacks Christina Scabbia's incredible vocal ability and charm.

The rest of the album is (for lack of a more appropriate word) good, with the song "Welcome To the Underground" mixing heavy metal, brutal industrial and dark goth - seemingly a tamer version of bands such as Sisters of Mercy and Angelspit.

Lahannya are one of those bands that you either like and find them defiant, controversial and can relate to them, or dislike and find them highly uninspiring, pompous and lacklustre. I, without a doubt, fall into the latter category.

by Becki K.

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