L.A.Guns - Covered In Guns

Track listing:
01 - Pour Some Sugar On Me
02 - Rock & Roll All Night
03 - Crazy Bitch
04 - Don't Fear The Reaper
05 - Check My Brain
06 - Cry Little Sister
07 - Just Between You And Me
08 - Rock'n Me
09 - Break My Stride
10 - Let It Rock
11 - Let There Be Rock
12 - I Love Rock N' Roll
13 - Little St.Nick

The Phil Lewis fronted version of L.A.GUNS release a covers only album, COVERED IN GUNS.
What is it with bands releasing covers albums at the moment! Stop it at once!
I have always felt that the odd cover version that is made to sound slightly different is a good thing. Covering a song and making it sound the same as the original just seems utterly pointless to me.

I really really wanted to be able to rave about this album. I LOVE Phil Lewis and have always felt that he was an integral part of L.A.Guns and I prefer his version. Sadly this album is a huge disappointment. What we have here is L.A.Guns going through the motions, churning out replicas of some classic (and some not so) songs without putting any sort of L.A.Guns stamp on them. Whilst Lewis does have a unique his delivery on most of the tracks here are just trying to sound like the originals.

So, the songs are OK, not great, but not truly awful either, and there are a few obscure tracks that you wouldn't expect to hear on a covers album which at least makes things slightly more interesting. It is easy enough to listen to but just seems very pointless in the grand scheme of things.

If you are fan of L.A.Guns and a completist then get this. If you have a passing interest only then I would find it hard to recommend. Sorry Phil but you dropped the ball with this one :o(

Standout tracks:
Cry Little Sister
Break My Stride

by K.T.Glitz

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