L.A. Guns - A Nite At the Strip

There are always at least two sides to every story. It couldn't be more evident than in the two following reviews of LA GUNS' "A Nite at The Strip". The First Review is written by Andreas who pretty much feels that LA GUNS run out of ammo a long time ago. The Second review is written by Adolf who is a die-hard fan of Tracii and the guns. He's got Tracii Guns' autograph tattoed on his arm. Do I need to say more? Sit back and enjoy the clash.

What have I done to deserve this? I recently wrote off a reunited 80’s band’s livealbum (POISON’s "Power to the People") but obviously it didn’t end there. Anyway, here we go. A livealbum with LA GUNS, recorded at the Key Club in Hollywood. Would have been quite an event… twelve years ago. I was a big LA GUNS fan, I just couldn’t figure out who was and wasn’t in the band after the first 36 line-up changes. Add that the "American Hardcore" album was as weak as the frontcover was ugly and you’ve got a pretty good picture of my feelings towards the band. Talking about frontcovers, "A Nite at the Strip" features a naked (well almost) girl posing with a gun. Come on guys! Can it be more pathetic and cliche? We’re not in the eighties anymore eventhough the GUNS obviously think (or wish) we were.

"A Nite at the Strip" features the original line-up (the line-up that recorded their most fameous albums "La Guns" and "Cocked & Loaded" that is) eventhough Phil Lewis told everyone that he would NEVER EVER AGAIN be a part of LA GUNS. I suppose the waters under the bridge... but it stinks! Anyway, the sound on the album is pretty good. A bit sloppy at times but not too irritating. The album focuses on material from LA GUNS’ first two albums. At least they know what people want to hear. But their songlist also is a statement of LA GUNS career. The Last ten years haven’t been that successful for the band.

"A Nite on the Strip" is a nostalgic album for the die-hard fans. For the rest of us who liked LA GUNS back in the eighties, it’s just another reunion record we don not need. Support new bands! - Andreas Persson

OK, any Glitzine regulars don't really need 2 read this review at all.  As if there was ANY way I'd pan this.  If the Classic L.A. Guns line-up got back together and recorded themselves yodeling in the shower, I'd probably buy it! Be that as it may, this is a live recording of the classic L.A. Guns in early October, 1999 and it's actually pretty damn good on it's own merits. Granted, I didn't really need to own YET ANOTHER version of "The Ballad of Jayne" and I could have done without a live version of "Time" (Previously released on the Black Beauties CD).  The set list is pretty cool!  It's got a good mix of the hits (Sex Action, Kiss My Love Goodbye, Rip 'n Tear) and the strong album tracks (Face Down,  Over the Edge, Nothing Better To Do). A cool version of "One More Reason" was a necessity but, in my opinion, there is ABSOLUTELY NO material from "American Hardcore", "Wasted" or "Shrinking Violet" - otherwise known as the "No Philip Lewis" Albums (shudder...).  This is good - Phil was never the worlds greatest vocalist, but neither is Taime Down.  (And can you really have a Faster Pussycat album without Taime?)

There's a good reason this doesn't get a 10 star rating.  It loses one point for the not so great sound quality.  It was co-produced by the absolutely brilliant Gilby Clarke, but it does sound like it was recorded in a club setting without much of a budget.  It loses another point because - well, because it just isn't a cool as the "Live Vampires" Japan-only Live EP - "A.N.O.T.S." lacks good stage banter and the energy of the combination of Phil Lewis on vocals, Kelly Nickels on bass, Steve Rilley on Drums, Tracii Guns and Mick Cripps on Guitars.  Still one of the strongest bands ever, but no longer at their peak.

At the end of the CD, Phil shout out his usual "See ya next time" and I know for a fact there WILL be a next time.  After all, the just remixed "Cocked & Loaded" and released it as "Cocked and Re-Loaded"

There goes ANOTHER $20... - Adolf Chri$t

L.A. Guns (87)
Cocked & Loaded (89)
Hollywood Vampires (91)

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