Lady's Man - Blind of Tears

When taking a first look at this band I must say the intro slightly confused me. A strange skit of, what I gathered to be an American man, shooting an oddly robotic Englishman, with melodic electronic overtones humming in the background. What do we have here? Weather intentional or not, this skit was more humorous to me than in any way dark or threatening. Not the usual darkly serious metal band I had come to expect then?

'Blind of tears', the bands 3rd album, fits nicely into the love-metal category. Thankfully for me this meant no agonising over musical genre, upon genre, upon sub-genre. These guys know what they do well and they stick to it. Lady's man make a good start on this latest album, with impressive tracks such as title track 'Blind of Tears', 'Die and Pray', and 'Devil's Mercy', all serving up a decent amount of heavy guitar riffs layered with beautifully dark lyrics. A brilliant but well tried formula. Take time also to look at the beautiful, 'Goodbye', which is given also as an acoustic bonus version.

With a sound very similar to the heavily commercialised HIM and many other love metalers alike, 'Lady's Man' do seem to stand out from the crowd. With plenty of enthusiasm and energy backing this band and a strong fan base already supporting them, they can't go wrong with 'Blind of Tears'. Although there is nothing different or original about this band, they have taken the love metal genre with both hands and created an album to be proud of. Definitely well worth a listen.

by Lauren May

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