Kyle Vincent - Wow & Flutter

Kyle Vincent was, for those who didn't know, the voice behind Candy - one of the greatest popbands ever. Candy was labeled the next Raspberries but broke up after only one phenomenal album "Whatever Happened to Fun" back in 1985. Bassist Jonathan Daniel and drummer John Schubert started Electric Angels which developed into the Loveless. Guitarist Gilby Clarke formed Kill for Thrills, played in Guns n Roses and has also released three pretty successful soloalbums. Vocalist Kyle Vincent? Well, he disappeared… until he released his critically acclaimed comeback a couple of years ago, featuring the hit "Wake me up when the world is worth waking up for". "Wow & Flutter" is the follow-up. Kyle Vincent has got a heaven-sent voice which easily turns a mediocre song into a megahit. Hearing him singing, still sends shivers down my spine.

"Wow & Flutter" contains of eleven emotional popsongs which will pet your ears and melt your heart. Vincent proves himself as an extraordinaire songwriter and he's, together with Rubinoos' Tommy Dunbar, penned classy songs. I can't help but fall in love with "The First Thing in my Mind", "No Matter What Will Be", "She's Top40", "The Day the World Changed"… well all of 'em! "Wow & Flutter" is a moody and mellow masterpiece". It's very light but all eleven songs are pop close to perfection. This album will establish Vincent as the popstar he truly is.

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Written by Andreas Persson