Ky Anto - Doodling On Jazz

Anytime you mix acoustic guitars and glam rock, it's sure to make for a good time, and this release from Ky is no exception. "Doodling On Jazz" rocks in a way we have not seen (nor heard) since the golden days of the Suicide Twins. (Remember "Silver Missiles and Nightingales" the post-Hanoi Rocks acoustic project lead by the fabulous Andy McCoy?....yeah, you get the idea of what to expect here then!) How can you go wrong when you hear the Beatles inspired backing vocals and the sly, but cool lead vocal stylings of Ky, who just may, single handedly, be the savior of the outlaw glam scene? Standout tracks that roll along with what I would call a mellow shuffle include "Still Waiting," "So Cool," and the American inspired "Us." This is definitely a CD for a rainy day, or any time you may find yourself in the middle of an all out personal crisis. The only thing that baffles me is why Ky is not a megastar yet. Get this now, you won't regret this one.

by Kenny

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