Kristy Majors - Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll

Kristy Majors - guitarist with Pretty Boy Floyd. So it's going to be high gloss, cock rock, shock pop right? Well no, but it's preconceptions like this that will form the biggest hurdle to this CDs success.

Opening track 'Terrible News' - a brief sound collage of alarms and the phrase "I've got terrible news" repeated over and over - sounds the warning shot. Fans of early Pretty Boy Floyd expecting the same style are not going to get it and those who dismiss glam rock as useless tuneless rubbish performed by those that can't play their instruments are in for a very rude shock indeed as nestled among the following 10 tracks are some of the best examples of song writing today.

Track titles like 'Wasted In America' and 'Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll' may sound like clichés but the songs are not despite the latter rather predictably starting with the title being chanted a couple of times before the guitars come crashing in. Both tracks would be perfectly placed as live set openers being melodic, high energy with immediately memorable choruses.

The majority of songs have a modern edge to them though it's very hard to describe quite what I mean by that. Maybe it's the melodies or guitar riffs that don't go quite the way you might expect them to or the songs that seem to take a left turn. 'A-OK' is a perfect example. It kicks off with a killer guitar riff and whoo hoo-hoo vocals before verses that owe an inspirational debt to the Beatles and Enuff Z'Nuff. The guitar riff and vocals make a welcome return for the chorus and I promise you, two listens to this and you'll have the damn thing in your head for days.

I'm not wildly impressed by the slower numbers and I'll emphasise slower as opposed to slow, as there's no real ballads here (thankfully). There's nothing inherently wrong with 'Live Without You' or 'Greed', they add light and shade to the overall CD and the latter is particularly strong, it's just that they are the weakest tracks on a CD that positively bristles with quality.

There are no song writing credits on the CD but whoever is responsible clearly knows what they're doing. Take one healthy dose of the Beatles, a pinch of Enuff Z'Nuff , a taste of modern day pop punk melodic sensibilities and finally add enough glitter to make the whole thing shine and you've got this CD. Although it's not going to be obvious to many, there is one cover version here. 'Back Down To One' a Jani Lane/Keri Kelli co-write that first appeared on Jani's solo album of the same name fits seamlessly into the overall feel of the album despite it being a few years old now. Starting (again!) with a slightly offbeat guitar sound, the song bristles with slightly off kilter melodies and a hugely memorable chorus. No mean feat as it's not exactly sing-a-long material.

Retro glamsters looking for one big bubblegum flavoured nostalgia fix are going to be disappointed by this album. Anyone looking for intelligent fresh song writing that doesn't forget that at the end of the day a good should be had by all, should go out and buy this immediately.

by Phil T.

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