Krank - Ugly Gift

Back in the mid eighties, Krank were signed to Metal Blade and released their debut album 'Hideous'. Well it's now over 15 years later and they've gone from 'Hideous' to 'Ugly', with their new release 'Ugly Gift'. They say themselves that the CD is eight ugly tunes, about eight ugly subjects, by four ugly dudes… four ugly dudes that play loud 80's rock ALA Alice Cooper.

With stand out songs 'Krank It Up', 'One Good Fist' and 'Nasty Bastard' you'll get your headbanging fill, and if you don't like it, just go to track #5 it says it all 'F@$k You'.

Thumbs up for the band noting that they recorded, mixed and designed the CD themselves. Thumbs down, because I think it would have sounded better if there was a bigger budget behind it.

by Bay Breez

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