Kitty Hudson - 24 Hours To Kill

If I told you that the title track (and opening cut) on '24 Hours To Kill' sounded like The Wildhearts jamming with The Babysitters and had a chorus that loitered on the border to Fasterpussycatsville, you'd be interested, right? If not, d'ya think that you might be checking out the wrong website?

Kitty Hudson come from London, England where, according to a girl that I went to school with, the streets are paved with gold. She's now sucking tourist cock for crack money, so what does she know? Anyway, this album is an excellent exercise in simple, snotty, shout it out loud rock 'n' roll. Think wildhearted crashing riffs and monstrous melodies crossed with Lars Frederiksen fronted Rancid tunes. Add a hint of Backyard Babies and a gobfull of classic UK punk and what do you get? A great little fuckin' record! Pube-haired Welsh legend Tom Jones will be spinning in his sunbed when he hears the punk 'n' roll version of 'Kiss' by the artist formerly known as pop imp Prince. I'm sure that 'Game Over (You're A Cunt)' is a firm fan favourite and this supersong's shit eating grin of a chorus will impress everyone except churchwardens, patrons of village fetes and the person the song was written about. And there's an ass-kicker of a song called 'Rock Motherfucker' - what more could you want?

Buzzsaw guitars, streetgang vocals, semi-naked female on the cover - ain't they half the reasons we all got into this rock 'n' roll lark in the first place? '24 Hours To Kill' puts Kitty Hudson at the head of the rising British band list by a....ahem....cuntry mile.

by Gaz E.

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