Kiss or Kill Presents - Volume II (20 Track Compilation)

Let me first say that i was impressed right off the bat by any compilation that boasts 20+ songs, it is an accomplishment to get more than one band organised on a CD. With that said, let me go over the highlights of the disc. The first track is by the O.A.O.T.'s called "Take Me". What can Isay, it's melodic, with fast, bouncing guitars complete with vocals drowned in "cool." BANG Sugar BANG offers "Machine Gun Song", complete with the lyrics, "If I could be anything, I'd be a machine gun, cause everytime I see you, I'm sorry I don't have one", don't worry, it ain't so bad, it's kinda neat once you settle into it. "Someday Soon" by The Waking Hours has a catchy beat with hopeful backing vocals.

Somewhere after the 10th track, however, the album takes a slight turn, which aint necessarily that bad. The Knives track "Skin Flick" is very modern rock-ish sounding (U.S. rock fans will know what I mean!!!) while still comin across like a Shooting Gallery (Andy McCoy's old band after Hanoi) tribute, only without the annoying vocals that Gallery suffered from. A few bands seem to be strangely out of place on the CD. Take Billion Stars for example. Their track "Stuck" is something more out of a HAPPY DAYS episode than one would expect to find on a comp titled KISS OR KILL, cause I'd definately Kill this one song! Zeitgeist Auto Parts also seem lost, if not for the epileptic drumming that really struggles to keep this song fresh and uptempo.

Please don't get me wrong, I LOVED this compilation, it offered quite a mix of style and substance, but probably more than most listeners would be willing to go for. Its ultra-diversity, if there is such a word (and if not, i am creating it now) enables it to come across as a high school mix tape rather than a cool ass compilation that it probably was intended to be......Still, check it out, I could be as wrong as hell!!!!!!!

by Kennyboy

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