Kissin' Dynamite - Addicted To Metal

Track listing:
01 - Addicted To Metal (featuring Udo Dirkschneider)
02 - Run For Your Life
03 - Supersonic Killer
04 - High Enough
05 - Love Me Hate Me
06 - Hysteria
07 - All Against All
08 - In The Name Of The Iron Fist
09 - Assassins Of Love
10 - Why Can't You Hear Me?
11 - We Want More
12 - Metal Nation

German band KISSIN' DYNAMITE return with ADDICTED TO METAL. It would be easy to assume that this album is some sort of Steel Panther copy but this is no parody album and the material is very strong.

It was a real treat for me to find out that Udo Dirkschneider guests on opening track Addicted To Metal. You either love him or hate but he has a disctinctive vocal style that really compliments the track.

Melodic metal is what Kissin' Dynamite are all about. Hard and heavy riffs, sweeping melodies, sweet harmonies and choruses to get the crowds chanting. The lyrics can be a bit cliched at times but somehow it just seems to work. I am not sure if they are tongue in cheek or just lost in translation but they certainly don't take anything away from the quality of the product.

Kissin' Dynamite have been described as the best new German band since Edguy and to be honest it is a pretty good one. The sound is similar in places to what Edguy are offering so hopefully they'll enjoy as much success in the future.

This album is powerful, full of passion, it's fun and very uplifting and would be great to drive to. I would whole heartedly recommend it.

Standout tracks:
Addicted To Metal
Love Me Hate Me
Assassins Of Love
We Want More

by K.T.Glitz

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