Kingskin - Hympin' Mojo

Kingskin came into being in early 2003 in Dover before relocating to London later that year. A strong local following emerged and the band were voted "Best Unsigned Band" by Kerrang readers in January 2004. Describing themselves as a mix of grunge and funk metal they're not the usual kinda band for the Glitzine readers but in truth it's difficult to find too many traces of grunge on this EP.

The EP opens with "In the Way" starting with a slap bass line very reminiscent of early Chilli Peppers. I have to say that funk metal was a genre that more or less completely passed me by with barely more than 3 good bands coming out of the whole scene. If you yearn for the days of jumping round dance floors like an idiot to the likes of Atom Seeds 'Rebel' (which admittedly was a great tune) then chances are you'll like this song. "Bottom Dollar" is a slower paced affair with an annoyingly repetitive chorus designed to stick in your head, which it succeeds in doing but for all the wrong reasons. Next up is the title track "Humpin' Mojo" which is another fairly uninspiring track but redeems itself somewhat with a good chorus before ruining everything by finishing with a belch. There's a couple of standout moments through the EP and they all seem to be when they drop the funk stuff and play a bit of straight ahead rock during some of the choruses. The main problem with funk metal I find is that there are only so many funky melodies you can play and they've all been done before. Even the Red Hot Chilli Peppers recognise this and have moved away from this into dad rock territory. The band close the EP with "Pete's Porno" and "Fat Mamma Got Soul" another two tracks that fail to spark any interest whatsoever. On the plus side if the band was to enter a competition for the stupidest song titles ever they'd surely win!

While the music here is competent enough and well played it's very generic and really nothing that hasn't been heard before. Fans of 2 Tribes and Atom Seed will probably lap it up but it's just not something I can get excited about.

by John Baxter

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