King James - The Fall (Collector's Edition)

Track listing:
01 - The Fall
02 - Never Is Forever
03 - Frenzy
04 - Swing Of The Street
05 - Spreading Of Love
06 - Pale Beyond The Door
07 - The Calling
08 - A Vision
09 - Borrowed Time
10 - Heaven Is For Everyone

It's re-issue time again. This time another from the Christian rock/metal field with KING JAMES and their second album THE FALL (originally released in 1997). King James were a supergroup formed of Whitecross guitarist Rex Carroll, Sacred Fire vocalist Jimi Bennett and the Stryper rhythm section of Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet.

Deviating from Carroll's usually hook laiden style this release has a more aggressive sound and draws from bands like Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Black Label Society. That doesn't mean that there aren't decent choruses on offer though as there are but the whole feel is very heavy and dark with lots of stop/start groove riffs. Jimi Bennett does occasionally remind me of Stryper's Michael Sweet albeit singing in a lower key.

A Vision, the ballad-esque (and the softest track on the album). Album closer Heaven Is For Everyone has more catchy chorus but still retains the hard feel.

Obviously the lyrical content is overtly Christian but to be honest you don't really focus on them due to the great riffs and rhythms that are riding along underneath.

If you owned the original version of this album then there is nothing new on offer here musically (other than a level of remastering) but there is a new cover, extensive liner notes and photos.

Rex Carroll still manages to show off his excellent guitar skills throughout this release despite the musical style not really calling for too much shredding.

This is definitely one for collectors but if you don't own the original and have an interest in Christian rock and metal then you should consider getting this.

Standout tracks:
The Fall
Never Is Forever
Spreading The Love
Heaven Is For Everyone

by K.T.Glitz

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