Kinderwhore - Silence Equals Death

Sweden's "Kinderwhore" are something of an oddity. They are Swedish, and their bodies are apparently untouched by either leopard skin, brothel creepers or low-slung Les Paul's.

Instead "Kinderwhore" revel in an age that most "Glitziners" will hate. An age that heralded the end in music of full on poodle perms and acoustic ballads and in turn gave us some of the best underground bands seen since the emergence of the MC5 and The Stooges.

Yeah you guessed it "Kinderwhore" like their shirts plaid, their shorts baggy, and their music "grunge".

Having been around since 2002 the 5 tracks that make up "Silence Equals Death" were recorded in December 2006 at Jufo Records in Stockholm. But they could just as easily have been produced on Sub Pop in 1989, such is the attention to detail that has gone in recreating that era sound wise especially on tracks like "Tossing And Turning" and "Killer In My Mind".

The two guys and two girls that make up "Kinderwhore" take their influences from the female end of the grunge scene so think "Bikini Kill" meets "The Breeders" and you won't be a million miles away.

After repeated listens I can't say I ever really warmed to this E.P, but that is largely down to me liking the more punky influences of bands like "Green River" than the morbid bollocks known commonly as "Hole".

So, if wearing cardigans and falling asleep while you are playing is your bag then "Kinderwhore" will certainly contain everything you need for a wonderful night of self-harming. I just thought it was all a bit boring really.

2.5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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