Killin Zoe - New Killer Reaction

Killin' Zoe hail from Birmingham, UK and play sleazy, 70s punk influenced trash n roll straight out of the glamorous gutter. Consisting of vocalist Wez, guitarist Richie, bassist Steve and drummer Daz, this band are a great fix for anyone out there still cranking their old Hanoi, Lords Of The New Church and New York Dolls records. Let's grab the booze and cigarettes and get to the review:

`New Killer Reaction` is the title of this four song release and what a ride it is.

`Shakedown` is the opening song and goes straight for the throat with a trashy upbeat drive reminding me of the New York Dolls jamming with Iggy And The Stooges. So far so good then...

Next up `Face In`. Guitarist Richie does an excellent job and it's obvious this guy is influenced big time by Johnny Thunders and Andy McCoy. You can't help but think that these guys came from the streets of New York back in the late 70s, and not Birmingham. This isn't a negative though... Killin' Zoe do a damn fine job and their influences shine through naturally.

`Saturday Night' is the third song in and is my favourite with its fat basslines, trashy drumming and gutter guitars. Vocalist Wez proves to be a good vocalist when it comes to this style of music too. Three songs in and I'm already loving this release.

Closer `Going Down` drops the pace a bit with something that comes across like early Faster Pussycat and The Dead Boys. I can't help but compare the closing part in this song to `Sleazy Come Sleazy Go` by LA Guns too. I just found myself singing it over that part. Not a rip off at all, it just sounded similar to my ears, a good song and a good closer. I only wish this release had more songs because I am left wanting more.

Killin' Zoe are your fix for dirty, sleazy gutter glampunk n roll so don't hesitate to give this release a listen and go check them out live. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but what is these days? A damn fine release fellas, keep up the great work.

by Andii Vamp

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