Killingbird - Waste Another Yesterday

One year on from the release of their debut, Killingbird are back with 'Waste Another Yesterday', a disc, which proves to be an improvement over 2002's 'S/T'.

While it doesn't boast the debut's standout tracks 'Waste Another Yesterday', for the most part, wisely does away with the filler found on the 'S/T' resulting in a more consistent selection.

Viciously moving from 'Can't Kill Me' to 'Whatcha Want', there's not a weak moment to be found. 'Death of a Superstar', 'Where in the World', and 'Passing Through' continue with an overall heavier mood, suggesting that perhaps Killingbird wanted to dissuade anyone who expected the band to move toward the mainstream. Furthermore, it would be hard to imagine Christian's almost snake-like delivery getting a great deal of airplay via radio or otherwise. That said, this album will appeal greatly to the fan-base most of all, a goal that perhaps the band planned on all along.

by Lycan Davis

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