Kill City - I'll Keep Telling the Same Lie...

When Spicey sends you CDs to review, I always hope I get the cream of the crop, the band that is just breaking, the band that's going to be the next big thing.
Unfortunately the ones that she sent on this time don't have the aforementioned qualities.

Kill City appear to be from Ohio but I'm guessing that from the CD and not the biography which doesn't clearly state this and by the looks of it they have a Fun Loving Criminals image going on, Goodfellas suits with brothel creeper shoes.

In a nutshell , there's just nothing different going on here, nor is there anything that is particularly exciting or standout. None of the songs are instantly likeable, and are more forgettable than anything. Musically it's all fine - tight enough rock n' roll and reasonable production but if there's no sustenance then it's a no goer from the start.

I'd advise these guys to come up with some stronger tunes because the one they're playing are simply average, if they're that good.

by Grant W.

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