Kiko Rivers - Shake Your Head

Solo projects… they're where a member of a respected band gets to fly on their own. Unfortunately, more often than not they end up sounding like a pale imitation of the original, accentuating the artist's weaknesses rather than pointing out their strengths; this is what worried me with 'Shake Your Head' the new solo CD by Kiko Rivers.

As many glam fans know, Kiko is the singer/guitarist for Scritt Scrat. In this capacity, his vocals are perfect, albeit often a bit buried in the production (this doesn't change much on the solo effort). Compared to the Scritt boyz, the lyrics are a bit tepid, often dealing with the typical r'n'r subject matter. The two obvious exceptions to this rule mind; are that of opener 'Nightmare', which I found to be an incredibly touching rocker and 'Be All Right', which suggests a deeper meaning that remains untold. I found the brattiness of Scritt Scrat to be missing; now while some might interpret this as maturity, it could also be argued that it's a byproduct of being out of the band setting. I'm tending to lean toward the latter, but I may be wrong.

If you're a fan of Scritt Scrat, there's nothing on this that will shake your opinion of the band. For the uninitiated, it would be recommendable to check out SS and then progress your way to this. While not horrible, it's not spectacular and might just be a disc for completists only.

by Lycan Davis

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