Kidnapper Bell - Less Me, More Sky

Anglo-American 4 piece "Kidnapper Bell" certainly have some balls sending their debut 4 track EP to a Glam/Punk website to be reviewed, and for that small fact they instantly earn my respect.
You see this EP comes with a press release that proudly name checks "Bloc Party" without any hint of irony; this alone would be enough for any sane reviewer to poo poo this release before their first listen.
I really don't know if it's just me, but lately every time I think of anything "NME/Indie" orientated my blood runs cold, especially thinking of all the quality RAWK out there that gets derided and is then subsequently lost to a mass audience, whilst absolute shite like "The Ting Tings" are proclaimed the saviours of music. "Yeah Right!!!!"

Thankfully "Kidnapper Bell" have enough originality and suss not to fall into the bland-ola same-old neck height guitar pap peddled to the UK's student community, and in the EP's lead track "What Arthur Said" they have a track that the King of UK guitar pop "Mr Andy Partridge" would have been proud to have penned.
The 80's new wave influence is carried through into the epic sounding "The Frequency" and the slightly less immediate "Have Another" and "Pixel" where the soundscapes of sadly long lost underground UK guitar bands like "Minuteman" and "Pusherman" are given a nod in the right direction.

My advice to "Kidnapper Bell" is to simply dig out a copy of "English Settlement" and drop the herbal tea-drinking rocker (don't ask me how I know this, it's a long story) references.
You just know that "Jo Whiley" will wet her oversized Glastonbury endorsed eco friendly freebie Indie knickers when she hears these guys and a gal.

Interesting stuff indeed for those prepared to listen!!!!

by Johnny H.

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