Kickstarter - One Stop Shop

Track listing:
01 - Not Thinking About You
02 - Cheap Disguise
03 - If I Could
04 - Feeling The Whine
05 - 92 Suicide
06 - Sometime In June
07 - Too Bad
08 - Hanging On B Street
09 - Drinking Game
10 - Hot Rod City

KICKSTARTER's ONE STOP SHOP has a very punky rock n roll feeling to it, a dirty New York Dolls vibe.

Gritty vocals are provided with a nice a Jagger/Johansson swagger to them. The riffs and rhythms are fast and furious that blend perfectly with the vocal delivery. Short songs with great tunes and choruses is where this album is at. It's not big and it's not clever but it is great party music!

This album may not set the world alike and spawn a generation of copyists but it is a downright dirty slab of punk rock and roll and is definitely worth the listening time!

Standout tracks:
If I Could
92 Suicide
Haning On B Street

by K.T.Glitz

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