Kickstarter - S/T

This album has the same kinda cool hand-drawn cover artwork that says "GLAM CLASSIC!!!" the second you see it. You know the kinda thing I'm talking about; Pretty Boy Floyd's 'Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz' had one, and so did Gemini Five's 'Babylon Rockets'. The ample-chested young lady sitting astride a gleaming purple Harley on the front of Kickstarter's self-titled seven-track CD leaves you in no doubt that you're holding something special in your hands.

What you're not holding in your hands, however, is a record sounding anything like as polished as either of the afore-mentioned glam masterpieces. What you get from Kickstarter is a far grittier, rawer proposition - the kind of ear-bashing you got when you heard much-missed New York glamour punks D Generation for the first time; vocalist Danny Dee even sharing Jesse Malin's trademark nasal-whine.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, Kickstarter list D Generation amongst their many influences, but in truth the band's sound can be traced back far earlier than 1994. Coming on like the Ramones (only played better!), 'Since Yesterday' is as fine a slab on American retro-punk as you could hope for, whilst 'Jody's on Junk' recalls the sleazier New York Dolls.

The pace continues throughout, slowing only slightly for 'Bitter Rotten Pill' - bringing to mind 'Heaven or Hollywood' era Uncle Sam. In fact, this change of pace serves to break the album up and stop it getting too samey. Although at only 22 minutes long, you're never gonna hear anyone complaining they're bored already.

Whilst not quite the classic that the cover artwork might initially have suggested, 'Kickstarter' is a welcome reminder of an almost forgotten time, and whether you favour polished nails, or the dirtier, bitten and chewed variety, you're likely to find something here that revs your engine!


by Danzai!

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