Kick 'n Scream - Good Times, Better Times, Worse Times and Cowboys, Dude

I don’t quite know where to start with this one. I suppose I should tell you a bit about Kick ‘n Scream who describe themselves as ‘hairy, glammy rock n’ roll with a touch of lust, LA style rock played the British way, almost like Led Zepplin doing a Motley Crue cover, with a South African singer’. Right then, need I say anymore?

'Good Times, Better Times, Worse Times and Cowboys, Dude' (that is the last time I type that out in full) is a four track offering from a four piece who hopefully don’t take themselves too seriously, well I can’t anyway.

I really don’t like slating bands, I wish all bands had something for everyone out there but this has to be one of the cheesiest and most cringe worthy demos I have listened to in a long while, in fact ever. I could make excuses for these guys but I really can’t think of any.

Yeah it’s a very rough demo but the production is terrible and the vocalist is amazingly awful, trying to be something that he is never going to esteem to be, it’s like he had the worst dose of constipation in history on the day this was recorded. The lyrics made me hold my head in my hands at several points, ‘…baby its time to rock, get on your knees and baby suck my….’ thankfully he abstains from saying ‘cock’ but he may as well have – it’s not subtle and it’s not clever, it’s just dismal. There are so many clichéd lyrics in here it reminds me of Bad News the comedy band, in fact I think Vim Fuego sounds great in comparison and it make his lyrics seem like poetry.

I am actually wondering if this band is serious? I can be quite serious with you right now Kick n’ Scream, give up, give up now please for the sake of yourselves if not the rest of us. I can’t bring myself to write much more, you get the picture. To hear Kick n’ Scream for yourself (health warning attached), go to URL. If you disagree with me then I seriously advise you to have a hearing test and medical immediately.

by Grant W.

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