Kickhunter - All In

Track listing:
01 - Mine All Mine
02 - Revolution
03 - Another Tear
04 - Feels Like Home
05 - All In
06 - Shy Shy Shy
07 - Check's In The Mail
08 - Boogie Town
09 - Deep In My Heart
10 - Call Me
11 - Ocean

KICKHUNTER are here with their mighty ALL IN album. Hailing from Germany these guys blast forth with some energetic rock n roll. Their claim to fame is having Helloween bassist Markus Grosskopf in the line up although you won't be hearing anything like his usual stuff on here. As a novelty all bass tracks were recorded in different country as he was on tour with Helloween at the time!

Kickhunter offer classic/southern rock with an attitude.

Shy Shy Shy has that swagger that is attributed to bands like The Faces and The Quireboys and just reeks of smokey bars and whiskey whilst Ocean veers off into Pink Floyd territory.

There are riffs and melodies galore on offer here and fantastic versions of Victory's Check's In The Nail and also Blondie's Call Me.

The dynamics are incredible with so many different moods between tracks giving it a really versatile feel yes all encompassed with a vibe that means the tracks don't seem disjointed next to each other.

You would be well advised to check out Kickhunter!

Standout tracks:
Mine All Mine
Another Tear
Shy Shy Shy
Deep In My Heart
Call Me

by K.T.Glitz

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