Kickhunter - Little Monsters

This album starts off with the song "Shame on Love", and I'm a bit surprised because this song sounds like a combination between rock and swing, and I don't really know if it works with this kind of dance friendly rock 'n' roll. Next song, "Ain't Got Nuthin Better" partly sounds like some kind of modern Whitesnake. "Heaven knows" I must say, must be one of the more interesting ballads I've heard for a while and it's also a great song with nice a nice guitar solo. But the absolute best song on this album is "Walls", it has a good tempo, and the ending of the song is perfectly amazing.

The album has a few too many ballads, but it ends with "Pimp Up Your Life", bringing everything back up to speed.

Rating: (7/10)

by Johanna Salo

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