Kevin K - Hollywood

In theory this should be an amazing outstanding 15th studio album from Kevin K, amazing lyrics backed by guitar skills that would put Johnny Ramone to the test. However, on a whole I found two things let this album down, personally I found the recording levels a bit unsure, the guitar was too pronounced in the tracks that you find yourself having to strain to hear the vocals, the rhythm guitar was kept on the same level as the solo's which made the tracks sound a little monotone, they lacked that climax.

'3 Inches Tall' really grabbed my attention, the intro was brilliant, so naturally I turned the volume to full and shortly started to sing along to 'I'm still here' which fitted my current situation of being stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway very well, but about a minute into the track I found myself feeling a little bit disappointed, with such a brilliant intro I was expecting an amazing solo. The ultimate climax to such a great start of a song, the sort that would make you nod your head whilst believe your steering wheel is a drum, your fingers the sticks, and the old man in the Volvo in the lane next to you is staring at you because he genuinely thinks your Nicko McBrain, but this album in a whole lacked that climax in all the songs, which is a shame as the talent is definitely there, it just needs a kick up the backside to get it heard.

Some of the tracks felt a bit rushed, as though they were written quickly due to needing another song before it was released. 'No Ice In Paradise' was the same lyric over and over again, which is deeply disappointing, Kevin K has so much talent and that's clear to see with 'Joey and Dee Dee'; a song dedicated to the late great Dee Dee Ramone of which, Kevin K has done him justice. The comparison between these particular two songs is remarkable; you wouldn't think it was the same man singing a heartfelt tribute on one and then on the other, filled two and a half minutes singing the same line.

Overall if you're a fan of the early Punk Sound then this album is right up your street but I'd be tempted to say skip the album and go and see him live because I feel the recording levels really let him down on this one, the album lacked climax that you would definitely see from a live performance.

by Stacey Hull

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