Kevin K - Mr. Bones

Well what can you say about a guy who has been in the business for an age. From supporting 'The Ramones' in the 70's and 80's, amongst other punk icons, Kevin K has been bringing his own brand of New York punk to the masses for the last 4 decades. Now with his 11th latest album 'Mr Bones', released early 2005, the continuation of the success of his long career seems set to continue.

A world away from previous records Kevin has turned on the rawwwk, and settled on a heavier, brasher sound than before. A change of direction I am more than happy of, if it creates tracks such as 'Steel Rain', with the mother of all bass lines, and 'Up to my neck' that has a twinge of old school rock and roll about it. In contrast is the beautiful acoustic styled 'Cherry vanilla' showing off Kevin softer side. Something for everyone here.

This latest offering will only further impress long standing fans of Kevin K, and the change of style could even gain Kevin new fans yet to have realised the brilliance of this man. Definitely a keeper.

by Lauren May

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