Kevin K - 13th Street

From the opening riff of New York City to the final note of Sundown, Kevin K delivers straight ahead rock n roll from the heart, echoing back to the glory days of NYC, The Lower East Side, New York Dolls, and CBGBs. The songs are filled with tales of sex, drugs and rock n roll with the seedy sounds of Johnny Thunders influenced riffs as the soundtrack.

Highlights are 'Over and Over', 'Jennifer Love' with its line "I'm in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt but do you think that she knew it" and 'Heartbroken Again' with it's harmonica and sax. Throw in a rousing cover of the Johnny Thunder's tune 'Too Much Junkie Business' and you have one solid rock n roll CD.

Fans of The Dogtown Balladeers, The Throbs and Jeremy and the Suicides will find Kevin K's 13th Street hard to take out of the player. It's that good.

by Mister E.

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