Kelly Fairchild - Starland

Whatever happened to fun? The question many glam fans the world over have been pondering since the mid 90s. From back then, fronting Ramones tribute 'The Maroons', through Dik Trickle, to today with his debut solo album 'Starland', Canadian glam/punk stalwart Kelly Fairchild continues his one man crusade to address that question.

Kelly sets out his stall from the off. Opening track 'Let's Rock' slaps you across the face, if ever you needed a wake-up call! This track is a stark reminder that fun music puts the feelgood factor back into life. Forget your troubles for a few minutes and indulge in some bouncy happy rock to put a smile back on your chops.

Next up is the first single 'Pam Anderson', Kelly's tribute to the blonde bombshell, and attempt at wooing the ex-Baywatch babe. A good pop song, and if accompanied by an equally busty video, could get plenty of MTV airplay.

Another couple of tracks that deserve a mention have featured on Kelly's Myspace page for a little while now. Firstly, the Green Day-tinged anthem that is 'Let's Go Away'. Another track encouraging the listener to forget the doom and gloom of the 9 to 5 rat race and enjoy yourself, and one of my personal faves. Following on from this, '1969' is an altogether more aggressive sleazy rock number. One to bang your head to.

Time to slow it down briefly. The piano intro to 'Don't Stop' lures you into a false sense of security, before ripping into another catchy pop/punk ditty continuing the ever-present theme of the album. Have fun!

Closing the album with a cover of KISS track 'Comin' Home', a great glam finale, you get the feeling that with Starland, Kelly Fairchild has achieved what he set out to do. A fun, good-time album to restore everyone's faith in glam. Highly recommended.

by Stacey Dunk

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