Keel Streets of Rock & Roll

Track listing:
01 – Streets of Rock & Roll
02 – Hit the Ground Running
03 – Come Hell or High Water
04 – Push & Pull
05 – No More Lonely Nights
06 – The Devil May Care
07 – Gimme That
08 – Hold Steady
09 – Live
10 – Brothers in Blood

The Streets of Rock & Roll is the latest offering from this 5-piece band from L.A. who began rocking in 1984.

The album is a fun, solid dose of good old fashioned rock. The stuff to make you tap your feet and nod your head, whether it’s on loud and proud or quietly in the background.

I suggest you play it loud and proud to get the most from the pounding riffs and growled, raspy vocals. There’s a good mix of rock and catchy tunes which will come back and play themselves in your head later on and you will find yourself humming or singing along at odd times.

Stand out tracks:
Come Hell or High Water
The Devil May Care
Gimme That

by Toni Glitz

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